ATV's, UTV's, and Golf Car Vehicles (Golf Carts)

Eagle Municipal Ordinance No. 2021-11 allows for the operation of ATV's, UTV's, and golf carts on municipal streets subject to certain conditions.  

Anyone wishing to operate an ATV, UTV, or golf cart within the corporate limits of Eagle must first register the vehicle with the Village Clerk.

Applications must be submitted in person (747 S 2nd Street), along with: (a) owner's operator's license; (b) declarations page for proof of adequate liability insurance coverage; and (c) payment of the $75 registration fee. Incomplete requests will be refused. For additional information on registration, please refer to the 'General Requirements' document below.

Anyone owning or operating an ATV, UTV, or golf cart in Eagle must comply with the provisions of Ordinance 2021-11 and Chapter 60 of the Revised Statutes of Nebraska. Faliure to do so will result in penalities, impoundment, or revocation of village-issued registration, plate, and flag.