Village Board of Trustees

Under Nebraska law, the power to adopt and enforce ordinances for purposes of maintaining the peace, good government, and welfare of the village is vested in a board of trustees.

The Eagle Village Board of Trustees consists of five members, each of which are elected to serve a four-year term.

1. Terri Todd, Chairperson

     Phone: 402.432.0945

     Email: [email protected]

     Term: 2022-2024*

     Committees: Health, Facilities, Technology, Park, Human Resources 

2. Marcus Hochstein, Chairperspon Pro Tem

     Phone: 402.730.7749

     Email: [email protected]

     Elected: 2022-2026

     Committees: Water, Sewer

3. Dan Meier, Trustee

     Phone: 402.432.6877

     Email: [email protected]

     Term: 2020-2024

     Committees: Streets, Water, Sewer, Safety, Park 

4. Jenn Caylor, Trustee


     Email:[email protected]

     Term: 2020-2024

     Committees: Health, Facilities, NRD, Safety, Human Resources, Emergency Services 

5. James Dobbins, Trustee

     Phone: 402.416.6895

     Email: [email protected]

     Term: 2022-2026

     Committees: Streets, Technology, Emergency Services 

* Appointed to fill a vacancy

On an annual basis, one trustee is elected to serve as the chairperson and one trustee as chairperson pro tem.

It is the duty of the chairperson to set the meeting agenda, preside over the meeting proceedings, and ensure compliance with the Nebraska Open Meetings Act. The chairperson pro tem serves in this role in the absence of the chairperson.

The Eagle Village Board of Trustees meet on the first Tuesday and third Monday of each month, except on holidays. Please see the calendar of events for scheduled board meetings.